DeBary is one of the most happening cities in Volusia County Florida. You can spend your entire weekend here and will still feel like it is not enough. People love to visit this place when they time especially for their kids. The place has some attractions for the kids and the family. DeBary, FL is all about outdoor adventures and there are some of the best interactive seasonal activities that you can take part in.


Things to do in DeBary, FL

Gemini Springs Park:

It is more of a conservatory park were humans can interact with the flora and fauna. From bird watching to cycling and trekking, if you want to breathe fresh air, do visit Gemini Springs Park. Moreover, there is a fishing dock especially made for the visitors. It is a great picnic spot and you can spend your entire day relaxing under the shade of the trees.


Sun Rail:

Sun Rail is a fun train that wanders around DeBary, FL. You can hop on the train and explore the entire city. Those who have traveled on Sun Rail say that it is a relaxing way to travel when you are in DeBary.


Lake Monroe Park:

This place is a great spot for family location. From boat rides to camping, this place has a lot of fun activities to offer. Lake Monroe Park is usually crowded with people and it is a great weekend hideout spot for the locals as well.


Spring to Spring Trail:

The Spring to Spring Trail is a 3-mile paved route from Gemini Springs to Lake Monroe. You can commute with a bike ride or simply walk. It is a healthy way to mingle with nature.