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How Helpful Can Real Estate Facebook Marketing Be?

When done right, Facebook营销是接触广大用户并产生领先优势的好方法. 使用这个有用的指南来提高你的社交媒体营销技能.


How to Use Real Estate Facebook Marketing to Your Advantage

Researchers have it that 2.95 billion of the world’s population have joined several social media platforms. And, with 2.每月有50亿活跃用户,Facebook无疑是社交媒体之王.

If you have yet to join this networking site, 你没能开发一个有大量领先机会的有利可图的市场. When you use property management Facebook marketing, 你将获得一批忠实的追随者和大量的潜在客户. 此外,你还可以建立自己的品牌,巩固自己的在线形象.

Many property management companies, though, especially those with more traditional roots, don’t know the first thing about real estate Facebook marketing. 要弄清楚Facebook的算法和用户的选择是很困难的.

Here is how to use Facebook for property management companies:


1. Aim at Proprietors and Renters

renters | real estate facebook ads首先,你需要有一个在Facebook上创建商业页面的适当计划. It is a marketing endeavor worth your time and money.

After the account creation, think of your audience. To whom are you trying to sell your ideas? What appeals to that audience?


  • Renters who are within your location;
  • Property proprietors; and
  • Investors.

你发布的每一个内容或状态都应该尝试吸引尽可能多的浏览者. Keep all content relevant and useful. 张贴时不要忘记提供你的专业观点.

Through this means, 你可以建立自己的专业投资组合,并与其他投资者建立融洽的关系, homeowners, and landowners. On top of that, you can appeal to possible renters, too.


2. Post Engaging Material

It is normal to want to keep advertising to your followers. However, Facebook considers too much posting of ads as spam. 仅仅因为你的目标是吸引租客或投资者,并不意味着你就有借口接管他们的新闻推送. No one wishes to follow pages that only share ads. Instead, blend relevant info with advertising material, including related tax laws, property management, startup businesses, and real estate.

考虑把你的博客文章放在你的网站上,并链接追随者,以推动流量. 确保用令人兴奋的内容(如物业管理建议和新闻稿)来吸引你的观众的注意力.  毫无疑问,你会让你的观众着迷于有趣的社交媒体动态,让他们感觉更投入你的服务.


3. Use High-Quality Photos

An image is worth a thousand words. 图片有能力在全球范围内交流,是一个很好的策略来增加你的网站的流量.

不过,上传照片时,请确保只使用高质量的原创照片. 你也不需要雇一个专业的摄影师来为你拍照. 如今,许多智能手机都拥有各种可调节设置的高级摄像头. 你也可以利用照片编辑软件给你的照片增添一点额外的魅力.

Post pictures of the houses you manage. 这不仅会吸引潜在的租户和业主,还会增加你的Facebook页面的参与度. 此外,如果你需要发布文本,把它放在图形形式. 在Facebook上,带有文本的图片总是比简单的文本更新效果更好.


4. Videos Help Draw Attention

video | real estate facebook ads视频剪辑会让你的网站或Facebook页面上发布的内容更具吸引力.

This is why many businesses use videos to their advantage. In fact, a few scrolls down your newsfeed will present several.

Visuals do better compared to written content. Facebook用户看视频的时间比阅读帖子的时间要多,尤其是长帖子. 考虑制作房屋参观的视频(在客户的同意下)来吸引租客.

发布一个简短介绍你公司的视频或者演示你的服务的视频也是一个好主意. 这些应该是高质量的视频,以一种能够吸引人的方式进行编辑.


5. Make the Most Out of Pinned Posts

While you can use Facebook ads for property managers, 你也可以张贴和pin内容关于你的企业在没有成本. 别帖允许你确保访客看到的第一个帖子是你想让他们看到的.

这可以采取建议帖子、视频或任何你想要的其他信息的形式. 也要确保在你的帖子中添加一些创造性和个人风格. This way, 它会立即吸引页面访问者的眼球,让他们想要更多地了解您的服务.


6. Use Promoted Posts

推广帖是最常用的物业管理广告之一. 在一定的预算下,你可以将帖子的范围扩大到估计数量的用户. This can be your fans or friends of your fans. 推广的帖子将在他们的新闻推送中出现大约三天, which is significantly longer than the usual 2.5 hours.

你会在帖子下面找到推广帖子的选项. Not all pages have the ability to promote their posts, though. 你需要在你的页面上至少有400个赞,才能解锁使用该功能.


7. Use Facebook Ads

Facebook广告随着时间的推移不断发展,现在拥有比以往任何时候都更先进的功能. On Facebook Ads Manager, click the Campaigns tab and then Create. From there, you can choose your objective — increase brand awareness, drive traffic, generate leads, and more.

After naming your campaign and setting your ad account, you will need to specify your target audience. 对于房地产Facebook广告,你可以根据自己的喜好选择具体的(或一般的)广告. 然后,您可以根据设备类型、平台等调整您的广告位置设置. 现在你所需要做的就是设定预算和时间表,然后你就可以开始了.

Facebook上也有很多物业管理公司的房地产广告. You can make use of image ads, video ads, carousel ads, collection ads, messenger ads, and story ads, to name a few.


8. Keep It Diverse

当涉及到管理财产和住房时,了解法律是很重要的. The same applies to real estate Facebook marketing. For instance, the Fair Housing Act 公司不能因为租户的种族或肤色而拒绝他们, religion, sex, national origin, familial status, or disability.

因此,最好不要把广告的目标设置得太具体. 也建议使用不同的照片,并添加Fair Housing的标志.


Be Successful With Real Estate Facebook Marketing

Social media 允许潜在的租赁者和业主查看您的房源和服务. As the most popular platform, Facebook营销应该纳入每一家物业管理公司的战略规划. Apart from offering convenience, most of Facebook’s tools come free of charge, making it a juggernaut in the online marketing world.

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