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Miami has an estimated population of 467,963, making it Florida’s second-largest city. It also serves as the seat of Miami-Dade County and as the state’s economic and cultural hub. Many international and national businesses call Miami home. The city also has a significant financial presence, with numerous international banks in the Greater Downtown Miami area. Aside from that, Miami also boasts health care, biotechnology, international trade, and information exchange industries.

Most of the residents in Miami are aged 25 and older, with the 25-34 and 65+ age brackets each making up 17% percent of the population. About 29% graduate high school, with 17% holding a bachelor’s degree and 11% holding a master’s degree or higher. The median household income sits at $36,638, which is significantly below the national average.

Homeowners associations are widespread in Miami, thanks in large part to the many benefits they provide members. In fact, there are over 30 community associations in the Miami-Dade County area alone. Residents of these communities enjoy access to amenities like pools, clubhouses, and fitness centers. They also receive inclusive services such as landscaping and garbage collection.

Managing an HOA community can come as a challenge, though. It takes time, patience, effort, and a wealth of knowledge in order to carry out seamlessly. As a result, many homeowners associations opt to seek outside help in the form of Orlando HOA management companies. With professional services, HOA communities can keep property values high and homeowners satisfied.

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